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This is just a practice place for someone totally ignorant of webpage building to begin learning.  Sorry you haven't found something more interesting.

Some people call me VimesLady.  Some people call me Becky.  A few very select people call me Nanna.  Some people even call me QLBecky, although they tie knots in their tongues when they try to say it aloud.   I answer to any and all of the above.

Where to find me.

VimesLady's LiveJournal

The Discworld FanFiction Archive

The Discworld FanFiction Group on Yahoo

DiscFanFic Forum

The Collector's Guild Bulletin Board

The Vetinari Group on Yahoo

Alan Rickman's Wenches Tavern

The Professor's Dungeons

Al's Place Quantum Leap Message Board

This is me.
Okay, this WAS me in 1999

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